Basile Police Department

                                    Department History

The Basile Police Department is located at 1316 S. Ryan St.  The Department headquarters was relocated to this site on February 14, 1997 after having previously been located on West Stagg Ave. for as long as most can remember.

 The Police Department and Jail are located in the Northern half of the Pat Killeen Building.  The Council on Aging continues to be housed in the Southern half of the building.


The insignia of the Basile Police Department was designed by Darrel LeJeune and artistically created by Brandon Moreau in 1998.  The emblem includes an oil rig denoting the Tepetate area boom that brought many people to Basile, a flying duck for the wildlife and hunting tradition of the area, a Mardi Gras mask and hat, a t-fre' to represent Cajun music and culture, an Indian head dress and tomahawk representing the Old Stewart High School Braves, a Bearcat representing Basile High School, a crawfish and sheaf of rice, a cross representing the Christian faith, a Swine Festival pig, and a train denoting the founding of the town along the railroad tracks.  It also includes the year the village of Basile was incorporated, 1911. 


This insignia was first placed on a 2006 Ford Crown Victoria patrol unit.  This unit was received through a grant provided by the USDA.  This particular grant provided 75% of the unit's cost, while the Town of Basile paid the remaining 25%.

                                                                                                                                  2006 Crown Victoria    



Left-Chief Allen Ivory

Right-Sgt.Ricky Duhon



Town of Basile-Insignia