Basile Police Department

Basile Junior Police Division  

     The Basile Police Department is in the process of reconstructing our Junior Police Division.  We are hoping to have a larger, more positive group as we strive to promote self-awareness in our youth, not only through law enforcement methods, but through various educational means to offer instruction in a home-like setting.  Through these methods, we hope to increase youth resistance to peer pressure, enhance protective factors-especially bonding to family, school, and community which appear to foster the development of resiliency in young people who may be at risk for substance abuse or other problem behaviors.

     We also hope to incorporate decision-making skills, life skills, health & safety awareness, and academic tutoring.  These services will be provided free of charge through Department personnel and community volunteers.


        Our mission through the Basile Junior Police is to:


         *  involve and empower our youth

         *  interact with and relate to youth in ways that support asset building

         *  develop positive relationships and communication with our youth

         *  care for, involve, and work with families in the community


      Benefits of the Basile Junior Police Division include but are not limited to:


         *  Enriching the lives of our youth

         *  Tapping into the unique strengths of each individual

         *  Increasing opportunities through shared learning and resources

              *  Developing a community-wide approach


 ****This site will be updated as structuring of the program progresses****